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Life, Health & Annuities 

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Life Insurance 


Life insurance is not a luxury but a major necessity for the financial security of your family.  Just think about what would happen if the income earner in your family was no longer there.  How would it effect your current lifestyle of living?  Would you be able to live the current lifestyle you are accustomed too?  This is why life insurance is one of the most important decisions that you can make regarding the safety and security of your family and their future.  There are many types of life insurance that will protect your families financial futures.

Types of Life Insurance 


Term Life - Life insurance that pays only a death benefit and provides protection over a specific period of time.  The coverage is usually a 10,20, or 30 year term.  Once the term has expired so does the coverage.  However, a term policy can be converted into a permanent life policy  before the term expires.  Term life insurance offers the most amount of coverage for a lower premium.  
Whole Life - Premiums remain fixed for life and the death benefit and rate of return on the cash value is guaranteed.  This is one of the most common life polcies and the simplest.
Universal Life - This type of life policy usually has a fixed death benefit and builds a cash value base on current interest rates.  Depending on the type of universal life policy you choose the beneficiary can receive the death benefit plus any accrued cash value during the time the life policy was inforce.  
Key Man Life - This type of life insurance is to protect your business assets and it can be critical to keep your company in business.  This type of policy is to protect your business in case of a death of a key owner or employee.  This will help the company to remain stable and profitable while it is trying to recover from the significant loss.  The life policy will give the company time to either replace the key owner, key employee or regroup to make other changes in the company.  Usually the payer and beneficiary of this type of policy is the actual company.

Health Insurance 


Group/Individual Health Benefits - Coverage for health expenses such as medical, dental, vision and hearing.  Our agency can provide health insurance quotes from multiple companies for group and individual health insurance.  We will help you in choosing the best options for coverage to protect you and your family at an affordable price.
We also provide health insurance plans for:
Long Term Care
Medicare Supplement Coverage 

Annuities & IRA'S 


What is an Annuity?  An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income, and can be used as a part of a retirement strategy.  Annuities are a popular choice for investors who want to receive a steady income stream in retirement.  You can make an investment in the annuity, and then get payments made to you at future dates.  The income you receive from an annuity can be received monthly, quarterly, annually or even in a lump sum payment.  There are three different types of annuities, fixed, variable and indexed.  


Fixed Annuities -

Fixed annuities are relatively conservative financial products.  Fixed annuities are the most suitable for the majority of people to choose when they retire because they provide a guaranteed minimum income.


Variable Annuities -  

A variable annuity offers you a choice of funds to invest in, which are usually mutual funds.  You can choose between stock, bonds, fixed-interests and money market accounts.  You do not have to put all your money in one fund, you can allocate your funds into different funds in whatever increments you like.  Your monthly payout will be determined by how your investment perform.  


Index Annuities -

An index annuity is between a fixed annuity and the variable annuity.  Like a fixed annuity, an index annuity offers a minimum fixed guaranteed rate of return.  Like a variable annuity, it has the potential because it depends on the stock index.  This annuity shares some of the gains when the index rises, but does not lose value when the index falls.

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